ABB Control – Low Voltage Division

ABB Control available at Electro-Kinetics

Electro-Kinetics is an authorized distributor for ABB Control – Low Voltage Products and Systems. ABB offers a wide range of high quality control products including:

ABB Control Contactors
Bar Mounted Contactors, Electronic Overload Relays, Mini Contactors, Block Contactors, Installation Contactors, and Thermal Overload Relays.

ABB Control Disconnect Switches
ABB SwitchLine includes a complete range of UL508 and UL98 listed disconnect switches from 16A to 3150A. The basic construction provides flexibility, safety, and high performance in an extremely compact size. ABB SwitchLine is a perfect choice for all switching applications from industrial motor control to construction safety switches.

ABB Control Electronic Relays and Controls
Alternating Relays, Measuring and Monitoring Relays (Single and Three Phase), Contact Protection Relays, Insulation Monitors, Interface Relays and Optocouplers, Liquid Level Monitors and Controls, Motor Load Monitors, Sensor Interface Relays, Thermistor Motor Protection Relays, Cycle Monitors, Isolation Monitors, Logic Relays, Safety Relays, Time Delay Relays, Temperature Monitors, Panel Heaters and many more.

ABB Control Pilot Devices
Operator and Pilot Lights, Signaling Devices and Operator and Pilot Lights Accessories.

ABB Control Power Supplies
The CP range offers newest technology in a compact construction of power supplies.

ABB Control Safety Products
Products and solutions for Machine Safety. Safety PLCs, Safety Relays, Light Barriers, Safety Sensors, Control Devices, Fencing Systems and many more.

ABB Control Sensors
Current Sensors, Limit Switches, Current Transducers and Voltage Sensors.

ABB Control Softstarters
Softstarters, PSR, PSS, PSE, PST(B).

ABB Control Timers
Electronic time relays are specially adapted mechanical or solid state relays. They include a solid state or mechanical relay as well as an electronic timing circuit. This combination provides accurate timing control and isolation between the input and the load voltage, plus multiple switching contacts. They are often used in OEM equipment, industrial and building applications, providing time-delayed switching for starting, control, regulation and protection. A large selection of timing functions, time delay ranges and adjustment options are available from ABB Control.

Electro-Kinetics has extensive experience with ABB Low Voltage Products and Systems. Click here for more information regarding ABB’s high quality control solutions or contact us for a quote, cross reference, or more information today.