Joslyn Clark Controls

Joslyn Clark available at Electro-KineticsElectro-Kinetics is an authorized distributor for Joslyn Clark Controls. Based in Lancaster, South Carolina, Joslyn Clark manufactures high quality contactors, controls, pilot devices, relays, and photoelectric sensors. The product line includes:

Joslyn Clark Contactors
Joslyn Clark’s NEMA Control contactor line with stainless steel springs, provides exceptional electrical and mechanical life. The operating state is clearly visible from the front, indicated by the position of the contact carrier. The contactor is easily operated from the front for circuit checking. Self-rising saddle-clamps are included on all control terminals for quick wiring.

Joslyn Clark Starters
The Joslyn Clark HP Motor Starter has been developed through many generations of controllers. Closely related to the TM design, the HP starter is rated for its horsepower capability as well as in standard NEMA frame sizes. Like the TM starter, our HP starter was designed in one piece as a starter, a single integrated unit consisting of a power contactor and a thermal overload relay mounted on a rigid common base.

Joslyn Clark Pilot Devices
Joslyn Clark offers a wide range of pilot devices. Push buttons such as the Type 100T Heavy Duty Push Buttons are available in Standard, Mushroom Head, Push Pull, and Key Operated.

Joslyn Clark’s Selector Switches are available with seven interchangeable colored lenses in both two position maintained and three position maintained and spring return.

Joslyn Clark pilot lights such as the Type 100T Heavy Duty Pilot Lights are available in Standard and Press-To-Test. A choice of power configurations is also available to match various shock and vibration levels insure longer lamp life. Plastic lenses come in red, green, yellow, amber, blue, white, and clear. All lamps have bayonet type bases.

Joslyn Clark’s Type 100T Heavy Duty Contact Blocks are designed to simplify installation and assure trouble-free operation. Contacts are enclosed in sturdy plastic to prevent foreign material from entering the block. The clear plastic allows easy contact inspection. Contact tips are made of fine silver for high conductivity.

Joslyn Clark Relays
The Joslyn Clark PM Family of Control Relays provides flexibility, versatility and reliability. The exclusive design concept and rugged construction of the PM line offers many advantages for the designer and builder of today’s complex control panels.

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