Kraus & Naimer Switches

Kraus & Naimer switches available at Electro-KineticsElectro-Kinetics is an authorized distributor for Kraus & Naimer (formerly American Solenoid). Since 1907, Kraus & Naimer has manufactured innovative switches and accessories for industrial use including:

Kraus & Naimer Control Switches
The C-Series switches represent the classic cam switch by Kraus & Naimer. This series has easily accessible captive terminal screws – even with the switch already mounted. With specific models for all current ratings, they offer an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

The CA-Series with fingerproof terminals from 10A to 32A is ideally suited for many standard applications where industrial controls, instrumentation and electric motors are involved. For low-voltage applications down to switching of electronic signals, Kraus & Naimer offers the CA4 and CA4-1 line. The CA4-1 has gold-plated contacts and guarantees reliable switching, even under adverse, aggressive environmental conditions.

Kraus & Naimer Main Switches
Kraus & Naimer offers pre-configured switches exceeding the requirements of IEC, EN, and VDE. The KF-series switches feature unusually large isolation distances and offer high AC-23A motor ratings. It covers the range from 16A to 25A and offers disconnect capability of up to 1000V. The rotary contact system incorporated in a new type of modular contact block allows high mechanical life expectancy and precise and reliable contact making. Kraus & Naimer’s innovative modular system is both simple and very safe while offering enormous flexibility.

The KG-series switches from Kraus & Naimer are excellent switch disconnectors. They have high through fault and fault making capabilities and are especially designed for use as main and/or maintenance switches for machine tools, distribution panels, and switchboards. KG-series switches are also extremely compact while featuring unusually large isolation distances between open contacts for maximum safety.

Kraus & Naimer Maintenance and Safety Switches
Maintenance and safety switches from Kraus & Naimer consist of switch disconnectors equipped in high strength durable plastic enclosures which were designed with extra space for easy wiring. The enclosures are totally insulated and equipped with a ground terminal. Each enclosure by Kraus & Naimer has either knock-outs for metric threads or metric treated conduit entries on the top and bottom.

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