Advantages of GO Switch for the Die Casting Industry

GO Switch magnetic position sensors are an ideal solution for die casting industry applications. Why should you consider GO Switch Stroke-to-GO™ sensors for die casting?

GO Switch magnetic position sensors were originally developed to meet the rugged requirements of the coal mining industry, holding up to the dirty environment and abuse that comes with the daily operation of coal cars. The proven magnetic sensor design now provides dependable and reliable position sensing for the die casting industry. GO Switch magnetic position sensors can withstand much higher temperatures found in die casting applications than conventional sensors.

Critical to Your Die Cast OperationMagnetic Sensors from TopWorx & GO Switch available at Electro-Kinetics
GO Switch position sensors are used by die casting companies worldwide to monitor the position of hydraulic cylinders as part of the injection process. Monitoring each cylinder’s position can help to ensure that die components are in the proper position, preventing waste of product and damage to the die. As sensor failures can lead to insufficient closing of the die, over-injection of material, and failed part ejection, accurate position sensing is critical to the operation of the die casting machine.

Built to Withstand a Hostile Environment
With an all stainless steel housing and completely potted and sealed contacts, GO Switch position sensors are completely shielded from the environment. When properly installed, sensor performance is not affected by dirt, moisture, corrosives, and the physical abuse that can come with moving and operating die cast equipment.

Stroke-to-Go sensors are designed to operate continuously and accurately in a high temperature environment. Molten aluminum can reach temperatures as high as 1500°F resulting in process area temperatures of 150°F-250°F. Standard GO Switch magnetic position sensors are designed to withstand this temperature range and with an available high temp option, can accommodate extreme temperatures of 250°F-400°F.

Dependability and Reliability
A minor position sensor failure requiring diagnosis and replacement can shut down a die casting process for up to two hours, resulting in lost production time and high repair costs. A major position sensor failure can result in significant damage to the die and 24 hours or more of lost production time. Trying to save money by using a low cost sensor can result in higher failure rates with lost production and repair costs of as much as $500 per hour. Using Stroke-to-GO sensors can eliminate unscheduled downtime and associated repair, scrap, and labor costs.

In our next TopWorx related article, we’ll compare GO Switch magnetic position sensors to traditional mechanical and inductive switches.

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